Exo Ventures Announces Investment in XMANNA

Exo Ventures Announces Investment in XMANNA


XMANNA’s aim is to revolutionize and improve fan engagement with sports clubs and sports stadiums. They do this by building upon sports’ fans’ loyalty; creating a loyalty-centric rewards system. Stadiums, clubs, and advertisers can connect with sports’ fans by encouraging them to take part in and play games, tournaments, competitions and other play-to-earn (P2E) tasks.


These games and P2E tasks offer fan rewards such as USDT prizes, in-game-only rewards, VIP experiences, tickets to in-person games, etc.


XMANNA has recently announced a multi-year strategic partnership with Inter Miami CF, a fairly new professional soccer club based in Fort Lauderdale, Orlando. XMANNA is now Inter Miami CF’s official Loyalty and Gamification Partner. They currently have a Launch Campaign running in celebration of their partnership announcement.


The team is currently working on the final features for the loyalty app, and additionally is working on their revolutionary Metaverse Global Stadium Network. This will be a network of digitized sports’ stadiums in which the seats will be NFTs with multiple fan benefits and rewards. The XMAN Stadium NFT Seats will feature benefits and perks that will be usable throughout the entire Global Stadium Network.

XMANNA Provides a Cost-Effective Fan Engagement Booster Solution


The ultimate solution that XMANNA provides is that fans are exposed to content and gaming experiences that they can enjoy and earn from, and advertisers can boost their earnings in a cost-effective manner. The main point is to provide users with lucrative earnings opportunities while maximizing their sports experience as fans.



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