October 2021 IDOs to look forward to

IDOs for October 2021.

Moontober, Uptober or however else you want to address it, October is here! In this article we’ll share the token listings for NFT Tech and CryptoPunt.

CryptoPunt’s Dual Token Listing and Platform Launch will happen first, on October 18th. The Token Listing will take place on Uniswap, to facilitate all users to participate and purchase their $PUN tokens. The token will have immediate utility as the Mainnet and Platform will also launch on October 18th. The $PUN token will immediately allow you to place bets on the different games on the platform. $PUN token holders will also be able to stake and participate in yield farming soon after the token listing and platform launch. CryptoPunt will have a Matic / Polygon mainnet launch for the platform & will include next-gen, immersive gaming opportunities.

NFT Tech’s Token Listing will happen on October 21st. This Token Listing will also take place on Uniswap and as the NFT Tech mainnet and Marketplace are already live, holders of $NFTT will also have immediate utility of their tokens. At the moment of writing this article, there are over 80 unique NFTs already minted on the platform and for sale on the marketplace. You can also easily mint your NFT onto Ethereum with the use of NFT Tech’s platform. NFT will enable a liquid matching engine on their platform that will provide accurate pricing details for NFTs, giving buyers and NFT enthusiasts more confidence in buying digital art.

What’s great about these token listings is that both projects are listing their tokens with working products, not just whitepapers and MVP. This is important because in crypto it is very common for a project to list with only a concept. These 2 exciting, new projects are launching with instant utility for token holders.

Follow each project and Exo Venture’s twitter accounts to stay up to date on the latest developments on the token listings.




Exo Ventures is empowering blockchain companies with early-stage funding & advisory services.

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| Exo Ventures |

| Exo Ventures |

Exo Ventures is empowering blockchain companies with early-stage funding & advisory services.

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