Share Digital Collectibles (NFTs) on Instagram

Have you already heard or read about this? Meta announced this week that they have rolled out the NFT feature to Instagram in 100 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and the Americas (not yet in Europe). The NFT feature was being tested by selected creators in the U.S. since May of this year.
This comes with the announcement that they’ve integrated with the Coinbase Wallet, Dapper Wallet and with the Flow blockchain.

Instagram’s NFT feature allows users and creators to connect a third-party blockchain wallet to their Instagram app, which makes it possible to view your digital collectibles on the app in a separate tab (under “Digital Collectibles”) and share these digital collectibles on your Feed or on your Stories. There’s also a possibility to share certain NFTs as AR Stickers on Stories using Meta’s Spark AR software.

For the moment, the NFT feature includes the following supported blockchains:
- Ethereum
- Polygon
- Flow.

The third-party wallets that are currently compatible with Instagram are:
> Rainbow
> MetaMask
> Trust Wallet
> Coinbase Wallet
> Dapper Wallet

Before you get too excited, we want to share some best practices with you to help keep you safe as web3 becomes more accessible throughout mainstream platforms.

Important Points for Safety
~ Ideally, you keep very valuable NFTs and other cryptocurrencies in a hardware wallet or another wallet that is not used for other things such as being connected to other websites or apps (just storage).
~ Make sure that you have the seed phrase and password for your mobile wallet well secured.
~ Enable 2-factor authentication (2FA) on your Instagram app.
~ Make sure that you have your password for your Instagram account well secured and the email associated with your Instagram account well secured.
~ Only do the initial link between Instagram and your third-party wallet while you’re on a secure internet connection (not a public wifi connection for example).
~ Have the latest version of the Instagram app installed on your phone.
~ Have the latest version of the third-party wallet installed on your phone.

How To Use the NFT Feature on Instagram:

  1. Start by ensuring all the Safety points above have been completed.
  2. Click on the 3 stripes in the upper-right corner of your Instagram profile.
  3. Click on “Digital Collectibles”. A new page will pop-up with information about sharing digital collectibles with followers and fans.
  4. Click on “Get started”.
  5. Read the page on “You control your digital collectibles”. Click on “Continue”.
  6. Select a Wallet and Click on “Continue and Agree” (Read the Digital Collectibles Terms first!)
  7. It opens up your selected third-party wallet asking you “Connect to this site?” with Instagram showing as the to-be-connected site; Click on “Connect”.
  8. It goes back to your Instagram app and it opens a prompt with “Verify your wallet. Open Metamask to finish connecting your wallet”. Click on “Open Metamask”. In this example I was using Metamask as my third-party wallet.
  9. It goes back to your third-party wallet and it asks you to sign the message allowing the wallet and Instagram to connect. Click on “Sign”.
  10. It goes back to Instagram app and has successfully connected the app with the third-party wallet. A prompt should pop up with “Wallet connected”. Click on “OK”.
  11. You should be able to see your Digital Collectibles in the tab.

That’s it! Now you have NFT’s in your Instagram account and you can share these to your Feed or to your Stories. Remember that people will be able to associate your Instagram account with the public address of your digital wallet and be able to dox your identity.

For all of you visual learners, here are some screenshots of the process of adding NFTs to your Instagram account:



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